How to Send in a Ticket

Hello Midgardians!
If you are having any issues in Ragnarok Lost Memories, here's how you reach are support team so we can best assist you!
When logged into the game, please go to the bottom left menu. Then, click on Options for the next step.
Once you do that, please then go to Inquiries, which will take you to our main website
From there go to the top right corner and hit either login if you have an account or make one.
After logging in, go to the tickets area, click on Start Ticket.
Click on the Dropdown menu and select The Lost Memories Support.
Fill out your information, hit send and you're done!


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Não tô conseguindo abrir ticket
Diego da Silva (December 9, 2022 at 10:33 PM)
Amigo precisa confirmar o e-mail, depois habilita para abrir o ticket.(ali no seu perfil tem a opção para confirmar)
Kleber Domingues Montanare (January 27 at 6:55 AM)

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